New Zeland

It is not a case that the New Zealand was chosen as a movie set for the saga of The Lord of the Rings. It is an amazing land with an impressive diversity of environments. You will really travel to the edge of the world, where the  man was able to create the best terms for living in harmony with nature.
It varies from subtropical to the northern end of the North Island to temperate in the rest of the country, with alpine conditions in the mountainous areas. The climate is almost everywhere subject to extremely rapid changes.
The major part of New Zealand receive between 600 and 1600 mm of rain per year,  spread over the whole year with a dry period during the summer, except of the South Island, where summer is rainiest. The wettest area matches with the Western coast of the Southern Island, while the east area of the mountains is drier.
Average annual temperatures modify from 10° C in South till 16° C in North of the New Zealand. The coldest month  is July while the warmest months are January and February. The changes between the summer temperatures and the winter ones are minimal, even though in the internal areas and at the  East of the mountain ranges the variation is greater (till 14° C).