After the end of French colonialism the largest part of Indochina remained isolated for many years while maintaining a traditional lifestyle. The many ethnic groups with their customs, Buddhist culture and the usual oriental hospitality make this destination a unique opportunity to savor the special atmosphere of a world rooted in the past not yet influenced by Western culture.



The climate  is characterized by three main seasons. A cool, dry period from November to mid-February, which coincides with the arrival of the monsoon, during which the lowest temperature of the year are recorded  with averages between 14 and 20°. From mid-February until the end of April, takes over the hot and dry season, with maximum temperatures around 35°. The period between May and October is remarked by the rainy season. The highest rainfall comesin the months of June, July and August, particularly intense in the south-central region. During this period the maximum temperature is  29°.