Located in the heart of the Himalayas, wedged between China and India, Bhutan remained isolated for centuries from the rest of the world and it opened to tourism only in 1974. It’s suitable for a "mystical journey" in landscapes of untouched nature between monasteries, temples, legends and reincarnated lamas. It is becoming a destination rather unique for the presence of luxury eco-resorts built according to standards that integrate them seamlessly with particular environmental context. The Bhutan should be visited without haste: the time has no value here, in the Dragon Kingdom.


Tropical climate of high mountain, with significant differences depending on the altitude.

The best time to travel is from October to the end of June. The winter season, from December to February, is characterized by dry and cold weather. The climate is more pleasant in Autumn and Spring. In the summer months, from June to September the weather can be particularly wet.