Not a country but a continent which covers  thousand years of history. The various dynasties that have ruled in the "Celestial Empire" left many important examples: the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army, as well as numerous pagodas, monasteries and sculptures dedicated to Buddha. The super-modern megalopolis increased in recent years, such as Shanghai, contrasting with the rural villages and ethnic minorities.


Most of the territory of China is located in the temperate zone. However the country has great differences that depend on monsoon climate, latitude and altitude. The central and the south-east are hot and humid, and the north and north-east are quite dry. China is crossed by 35 parallels and presents a wide variety of climates. In many areas, the summer is hot and rainy, with a high humidity, while winter is mostly dry. In northern China, more than 80% of the rainfall is concentrated in the summer months, while in the south it drops to 40%. In the south, in addition, during the rainy seasons are frequent typhoons. To the north of the Tzang Tze winter can be very cold. Overall, the northern regions show a distinct change of seasons.