As you arrive at the end of the narrow gorge of the Siq in Petra your eyes wil be delighted with a spectacle unique in the world: archaeological treasures carved in ochre rock. The carousel of History continues with the Roman city of Jerash, Kerak Castle of Crusaders, the mosaic of the world's oldest map in Madaba. In the background, a rough and exciting nature: the Wadi Rum with dunes and spectacular rock formations and the Dead Sea the most profound depression of the earth.


The more temperate periods in Jordan are late spring and early fall. The temperatures vary greatly between the south and the north of the country. In Amman, the winter (January and February are the coldest months) is rather rigid with the possibility of snow and rainfall from October to March. The southern part has a milder climate that gets very hot in summer (dry and ventilated). The annual average temperature in January in Amman is 5 °. The average annual temperature in July in Amman is 30 °. In the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and in the South the temperatures are on average higher than 10-15 °.