Not far from Colombo, with an hour's flight, you will reach the wonderful atolls of the Maldives. Lush tropical greenery, white beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters, corals and colorful fishes. These small islands will offer to you a relaxing holiday.


The climate in the Maldives is mild all year, and is determined by the monsoons. However, thanks to the proximity of the equator, the monsoons are passengers and not as strong as in the nearest countries. Of the two monsoons, the first from south-west, from May to October, brings rain and wind. That one from north-east, from November to April, brings the dry season with very little wind. The temperature varies very little and average daily maximum is 30.4 degrees and a low of 25.4 degrees . The country, thanks to the proximity of the equator, has more than 2.700 hours of sunshine.