Buddhism is the unifying element of Myanmar culture that still runs through the country from the fascinating Bagan valley dotted with almost 5000 temples, to the Shwedagon Golden Pagoda in Yangon, from the hundreds of monks lined up in the morning waiting for the only daily meal at the Monastery Mahagandayon in Mandalay to the smiles of peaceful and kind Burma inhabitants.


Tropical climate. A major factor in the climate of the country is represented by rain, which under the influence  southwest monsoon, determine the succession of three seasons: the rainy season from June to October, a cool and dry season from November to February, followed by a warmer one until May. The wettest areas are the western slopes of Arkan, the coast of Tenasserim, the delta plain of Irrawady. Temperatures are tropical along the coasts (26-32 ° C), but never fall below 20 ° C in the areas of the highlands. About 2000-3000 m. the climate is mountainous with possibility of snowfall.